Every place has a unique culture that consists of a set of values, beliefs, knowledge, identity, collective memory, customs, aspirations and assumptions about themselves, others and the natural world in which they live. Each locale has its own geographic, historic and cultural contexts. Switchback Group works with communities, arts, cultural and nature organizations, and public agencies to understand the drivers of thriving, inclusive and sustainable cultural communities and to achieve their goals.

How We Work

childhoodWe listen – Our most important role

We ask questions – To clarify issues and to understand the nuances

We strive to truly grasp the sense of place – Recognize and understand of the unique identity and character of place; its emotional and cognitive experiences and practices that link people to place.

We embrace collaboration and robust dialog – Each project is unique, so we learn together to truly understand the your community. Together, we explore all ideas  challenging each other’s thinking to find solutions that fit the balance of your aspirations and potential.

We nurture relationships – We honor, respect and enthusiastically seek to connect with diverse individuals, experiences and viewpoints.

We pursue excellence – Adherence to the Institute of Management Consultants highest ethical and professional standards.

“ “I immerse myself in the landscape of place, experiencing as much of
its diversity as possible.”

– Christina Rusnak